I normally don’t pay attention to these “fan” accounts, but I have to say something about this. It’s disgusting the way you’re portraying Niki as if she is some sort of animal in a zoo. She is a human being just like you are. She is not a celebrity. She is not famous. She is a girl from Pennsylvania trying to live her life and make something of herself. I think your behavior is not only wrong, but cruel and downright ugly. It is none of your business how Niki feels or what she is going through. You don’t need to pick her apart. If you don’t like her, that’s fine. We can’t like everyone; it’s in our human nature to turn away from certain people. But you are expected to leave her alone. I’m ashamed that my name has even been brought up on such a page. Please either change your ways and take down your blog and account, or don’t bother being my “fan” because I don’t and never will support what you’re doing.